• Graves & Co. Consulting attending the NAPE 2024 convention in Houston.
    NAPE 2024
    NAPE 2024 in Houston, February 7th – 9th, 2024 Attending and Hosting our booth were: (Left to Right in the photo) Bill Vail, Geologist, Charles O’Donnell, Geologist, Teresa Henderson, Office […]
  • Carbon Capture Usage & Storage.
    Can Small Carbon Sequestration Projects be Economic?
    There have been several announcements in recent weeks of significant carbon dioxide sequestration hub projects leasing huge swaths of land with the capacity to store billions of metric tons of CO2. Can smaller projects be economic?
  • Crude Oil, Fossil Fuel, Fracking, Drilling Rig.
    Energy Policy for Dummies
    President Biden has the worst energy policy since Jimmy Carter, so it was probably inevitable that he would disinter one of Mr. Carter’s worst ideas—a “windfall profits” tax on oil companies. Doesn’t he know that when you tax something, you get less of it?
  • 3d illustration of oil pump jacks on sunset sky background with financial analytics charts. Concept of falling oil prices
    Peak Demand in 3 Years? We don’t think so.
    On May 17, 2022, Bill Vail represented Graves & Co. Consulting at the New York Energy Capital Assembly’s annual conference in New York City. Held at the New York Stock Exchange’s […]
  • West Texas oil pump jack pumping oil, Graves & Co. Consulting, Houston Texas.
    John Graves comments on SPR Release
    USA TODAY, March 31, 2022 Will gas prices ease with Biden’s release from strategic reserve?  Experts say it’s not enough One million barrels of oil will be released per day […]
  • Allen Barron, Graves & Co. Consulting, Houston Texas.
    Allen Barron retires from Graves & Co. Consulting, Bill Vail to serve as Executive Vice President
    HOUSTON, March 14, 2022 | PRNewswire Graves & Co. Consulting, a professional independent reservoir engineering firm to the oil and gas industry, announced today that Allen C. Barron, Executive Vice President, […]
  • Power plant and oil tank, petrochemical industrial plant at night and Twilight sky view, technician Industrial workers, engineer manager working in a power plant.
    Strategic Alliance between Graves & Co. Consulting and Signa Engineering
    Houston, TX – June 17, 2020 – Graves & Co. Consulting (www.gravesconsulting.us) is a reservoir engineering and geological consulting firm. We are pleased to announce the creation of a strategic alliance with Signa Engineering (www.signa.net) providing unparalleled engineering and consulting capacity and expertise. [cont'd]
  • Pumping crude up from the ground in oil field, Graves & Co. Consulting.
    How Tight-Oil Wells Grow Old
    Tight-oil production in the US set new records in 2019, but the banner year ended with an important caveat: more than two-thirds of crude production from shale plays flowed from wells drilled in the past 2 years. The figure reflects the fast-paced life of horizontal wells while also highlighting that older assets are not contributing as originally expected. [cont'd]