Graves Co. & Consulting Logo.Graves & Co. Consulting LLC is the reservoir engineering and geo-technical affiliate of Graves & Co.  Founded in 2017, Graves Consulting brings in-house a range of reservoir engineering and asset valuation services previously obtained by Graves & Co. on a subcontract basis.

For over 23 years, Graves & Co. has provided M&A transaction services and support to the upstream, midstream and oilfield service sectors of the oil and gas industry, conducting due diligence and evaluations of over US $26 Billion in asset value.  Included in much of this effort have been third party services of reservoir engineering and geological analyses.

Founded in May 1996 by John L. Graves, the firm has a predominant buy-side focus, assisting clients in mergers, the acquisition of  producing properties, in negotiating and documenting exploration joint ventures and drilling deals, and in conducting due diligence for buyers, lenders and investors.   Over the years, Graves & Co. expanded its services to include oilfield service sector research and analysis, and midstream acquisition services.

In mid-2017 John Graves took the opportunity to form the reserve evaluation company, Graves & Co. Consulting, to provide technical services directly to client’s needing independent evaluation of oil and gas assets, as well as part of the Graves & Co.'s due diligence analysis during asset reviews for acquisition.  Several qualified reservoir engineers and geologists are associates  providing technical expertise in domestic and international conventional and unconventional plays.